Finishing and Design

Elegant, stylish, pleasing
It is often the little things which grab our attention first: a lovingly sewn detail, a unique weaving style, an embroidery with a 3D effect or unusual patches. Such textile finishings give an item of clothing or accessory that certain extra, a touch of luxury or a special feel. People find this appealing because they can see that it is not something which can be found on every street corner.



Tailor-made solutions: our sewing studio

  • hemming
  • relabeling
  • seaming
  • design pattern samples
  • pattern and production samples





We accept your company as is and are not interested in fundamentally changing its image. However, there are always ways to reflect the personality of a brand in an even more persuasive manner. We pay attention to detail, because appropriate, finely-made details can create a truly unique overall impression.



360° Service

We go beyond standards.

We will gladly organize the storage of your orders, create your own brandident catalog and even develop your own customized online shop!

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