Logistics and Financing

Good logistical organization is crucial for comprehensive fashion or merchandising collections. In order to meet your requirements, we act with great care and always keep an eye on the economic efficiency of our mutual project.

Using UPS as our international logistics partner not only allows us to promise punctual delivery, but guarantee it. And our comprehensive service portfolio makes it possible for us to guarantee that returns are processed quickly and easily.








A suitable solution: Advance financing!


Reliability at its best.

With brandident at your side, you have a partner you can always rely on. We offer a comprehensive 360 degree service to meet all of your clothing and merchandising needs.

We can also handle the financing of your projects. Take advantage of our special services, including advance production financing. This ensures that your project won’t fail due to strict budget requirements at your company and helps you save valuable storage space.



  • No capital tie-up for your company
  • Free storage space at your company
  • Immediate access to the required goods (just in time)
  • Individual release quantities, adapted to your needs





The right product for every industry!

From the base material to the shape of the buttons – we will support you all the way until the development of your corporate collection is complete.

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