General Terms of Use

1. Copyright information
Al information on this website is provided without claim to accuracy, completeness and up-to-datedness.
Unless otherwise expressly stated in this publication, namely in conjunction with a certain section, file or document, anyone is authorized to view, copy, print and distribute this document under the following conditions:
The document may only be used for non-commercial information purposes. Any copies of this document or parts thereof must contain this copyright policy and the operator’s copyright protection symbol. The document, any copies of the document or parts thereof may not be modified without written consent from the operator. The operator reserves the right to revoke this consent at any time and any use thereof must cease immediately as soon as a written notification has been published by the operator.

2. Contractual assurances and waivers
The brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH website is available to you free of charge, unless otherwise agreed upon. The operators do not provide any guarantee for the accuracy of the information on the website, availability of services, loss of data stored by brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH or the usability for a specific purpose.
The operators are also not liable for consequential damages resulting from the use of the website.
If an exclusion of liability is not possible, the operators are only liable for intent and gross negligence. Product and company names are trademarks of the respective owners and are used solely for information purposes on these web pages.
This publication may contain technical or other inaccuracies or typos/spelling errors. Occasional changes are made to this information; these changes are inserted in new issues of the publications. The operator can make changes and/or improvements to the offers described in this publication at any time.

3. Expressing opinions in comments and on the forum
Due to the continuously changing content in comments and on the forum, the operator is not able to view every post, check the content or exercise direct control. The operator does not assume any liability for the content, accuracy or form of the posted entries.

3a. Special conditions for registered users
By registering on the brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH website, the user (hereinafter referred to as the “Member”) declares his/her agreement with the following Terms of Use.
Members who participate in discussion forums are obligated to

  • 1. Refrain from including any form of offensive statements, criminal content, pornography or coarse language in their posts,
  • 2. Bear the sole responsibility for the content they post, not violate third-party rights (in particular, trademark, copyright and privacy rights) and completely indemnify the operators of “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH” from third-party claims based on their entries.
  • 3. Not to post any advertisements on forums or in comments or use forums and comments for any kind of commercial purpose. This applies in particular to publishing “0900” numbers for any purpose.

There is no entitlement regarding the publication of submitted comments or forum posts. The operators of “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH” reserve the right to edit or delete comments and forum posts at their own discretion. If the obligations in 1), 2) and 3) are violated, the operators further reserve the right to temporarily block or permanently delete the membership.

4. Submitting posts and articles
If members utilize the option of submitting their own articles for the editorial section of the “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH” website, the following applies:
In order to post articles, the Member must have provided his/her complete and accurate first and last name in his/her “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH” user profile or enters it after submitting the article. The submitted article will be marked with the name provided when published (public).
The Member agrees to the following declaration for all articles submitted by him/her to “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH”:

  • 1. The Member ensures that the submitted articles are not subject to third-party rights, in particular trademark, copyright or personality rights. This applies for all submitted articles and images.
  • 2. The Member grants the operators of “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH” unrestricted rights of use for the submitted articles. This includes publication on the internet, on the “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH” website and on other websites, in newsletters, print media and other publications.
  • 3. Submitted articles will be deleted or anonymized upon the request of the Member if sent via email to the webmaster’s email address. The deletion of the anonymization will take place within 7 days of receiving the notification. The operators are only liable for consequential damages the Member suffers due to a late deletion of the article if they are not based on a breach of obligation on the Member’s part (above under 1), 2), and 3)) and if they are the result of gross negligence or intent by the operators of “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH”. In this context, we would like to point out that “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH” is regularly indexed by search engines and we have no influence on whether, where and for how long articles we publish are stored and accessible in search engine databases and web catalogs after their deletion by “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH.
  • 4. There is no entitlement regarding the storage, publication or archiving of submitted articles. The operators reserve the right to not publish submitted articles, edit them prior to publication and delete them again at their own discretion without indicating reasons.
  • 5. The Member is not entitled to any form of compensation (remuneration fees, license fees, compensation of expenses, etc.) from “brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH” for the publication of submitted articles. Participation and contribution are voluntary (without payment).

5. Data Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)
If there is an option to enter personal or business-related data on the website, this data is entered by the user on an expressly voluntary basis. It is permissible to use our service, insofar as is technically possible and reasonable, without providing such data or by anonymizing this data or using a pseudonym. Further information regarding the data protection can be found in our Data Protection Policy (Privacy policy.

6. Registration and password
The user is obligated to treat the user name/password combination as confidential and to not pass it on to third parties. If misuse of the access data is suspected, the operator must be notified.

7. Note in accordance with the German Teleservices Act (Teledienstgesetz)
The respective providers are liable for third-party websites this website references via so-called links. The operator is not liable for the content of such third-party web pages. Furthermore, the website can be linked from other sites via so-called links without our knowledge. The operator does not assume any liability for representations, content or any connection to this website on third-party websites. The operator is only liable for third-party content if he has been made aware of this (i.e. also of illegal or criminal content) and if it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent its use. However, in accordance with the Teleservices Act, the operator is not obligated to continuously review the third-party content.

Please direct questions and comments regarding Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH to our webmaster.

Legal validity
These General Terms of Use pertain to brandident Vertrieb & Produktions GmbH.
If sections or individual formulations in this text do not, no longer or not fully correspond with currently applicable laws, the remaining sections of this document shall remain unaffected with regards to content validity.